Fanan is a virtual analog style synth that has created to lead. Whenever you need a leading oriental style musical instrument, Fanan is there for you. Fanan Combines three oscillators which form together the final sound. These oscillators function as three sound engines, each with a bank of 64 waveforms. Each sound engine has a secondary engine which gives you the ability to morph your driving waveform to another one and to combine the whole 3 oscillators together. These waveforms are designed to bring you the magic of the oriental sound, and with them, you can achieve wide range of oriental instruments sound which star in nowadays oriental pop music productions as well as old fashion oriental musical compositions. Fanan also presents some new exciting features that will make your instrument sound trusty, versatile, accurate and unique.
Licenses: $39
User interface
Just like it's "brother" Byron, the main feature that distinguishes Fanan from similar products is the main control panel, which functions as a "one click preset manager". the clear and effective design maneuver between the various instruments and even full banks with a single button click. So even during demanding live performance, you can concentrate on the most important thing - playing. no mouse needed, no searches, no extra time spent.

Fanan's synthesis section in extremely flexible. 64 waveforms per oscillator divided into 8 banks, morphing possibility between 2 different waveforms per oscillator, 5 modes filter, filter envelope, octave changer and fine-tuning knob for detuning.

Under the MIDI section, you will find three new features: VELOCITY LIMITER- the MIDI velocity role to restrict certain maximum power, so that the signal will never pass this value. In addition, you will also find MIDI OCTAVER that will allow you to play two different characters at the same time. that creates the "octaver" effect. This feature is particularly effective when playing various stringed instruments in eastern and Balkan genre. Also, you will find killer portamento that will allow you to apply the effect of GLIDE in MONO mode.

4 dedicated built-in effects; tube amplifier, phaser, chorus and delay.

To suit the requirements of traditional eastern music players, we added one of the most important features which is associated with the genre, the micro-tuner. the micro-tuner allow you to play quarter tones or any other fixed tone that appear between +100 to -100 cents. We used an advanced approach that divides the keyboard to 5 octaves. each octave gets it's own page on the panel. you may wander between pages and change any note's tone separately or use the global controller and change the same specific note at all the octaves. you may also reset each octave to zero or reset all the octaves with only one button click. you can also save your own tunes to a file and load them later.

OS: Windows xp or higher.
standalone version: Works with both 32bit and 64bit versions.
VSTI version: Works with any 32 bit DAW\ 64 bit DAW with a bridge.
Min. system requirements: Pentim4 CPU, 2 GB RAM, free 16MB on the hard-drive.
Recommended system requirements: I-3 CPU, 4 GB RAM, free 16MB on the hard-drive.
Demo version limitations: 2 seconds noise every 25 seconds, inability to save new banks/presets.